What? Catering Can Be Entertaining?

Menu choices and food service can surprise and delight

Hibachi restaurants have made it famous: tableside entertainment. From fiery onion-ring volcanoes to bite-size vegetable chunks tossed from spatula directly into willing guests’ mouths, entertainment and food provide a flavorful combination. You may also be accustomed to seeing sizzling fajitas and fresh Caesar salads prepared tableside.

At your next event, you’ll undoubtedly want memorable food to create a memorable experience for your guests. Working with a caterer, you can take it to the next level by featuring food and food service that entertains. Think beyond a dance floor at a wedding and outdoor races for a picnic. There’s an alchemy to creating good food. Extroverted chefs and food magicians can make your event extraordinary.

Guests want to be entertained and catering offers a wide range of options

Many chefs are just as skilled in the front of the house as they are in the back overseeing the kitchen. To add some spice to your event, work with a caterer that can offer you seasoned chefs who lend their charms. Chefs can chat up guests as they serve at stations, for example. While a chef-attended station is not a new concept, today’s choices could include multiple pasta varieties and sauces served in a martini glass. A pizza station could deliver a slider-sized, custom pizza served in its own little box.

Demonstrations of cooking with liquid nitrogen are now a popular selection. A chef could show how to use liquid nitrogen to create that delectable ice cream or mousse. A seemingly ordinary salad can become 21st century with the use of liquid nitrogen to create meringue croutons.

Misting stations offer another degree of show-stopping innovation. Think, for example, about offering your guests a choice of chicken, fish, or vegetable skewer coupled with a mist from a perfume bottle containing a flavored oil like balsamic or truffle.

You can choose menu items that offer a degree of novelty. Foaming, sizzling, or bursting in some amazing way, a food item can surprise and delight even the most discerning guest and his or her palate. Precooking is often the key and the chef can complete the dish with appropriate fanfare. This can be especially useful for outdoor events that feature barbeque and carving.

Entertainment activities—go beyond the music and the magic

Beyond food and service, however, you can opt to work with a caterer that offers indoor and outdoor activities appropriate to your event. Your caterer can be your one-stop-shop for everything related to your special event.