Vegetarian Catering

It hasn’t been that long since the “vegetarian meal” in catering referred to a plate that had more steamed vegetables and no meat entrée, or a collection of pasta and a salad. The offerings were not particularly attractive, but at least they had no meat.

Nowadays, vegetarian dining has just as many different possibilities as does omnivorous dining. Because of these choices, you can offer a wide range of menu options to your guests, whether you are hosting a vegetarian dinner or just have a couple of guests who have chosen the vegan way.

For example, consider a pasta dish consisting of rigatoni, shiitake mushrooms, Swiss cheese and asparagus. This is a hearty combination of tastes that is popular among many of our clients – and it is also popular among vegetarian clients (and guests) as well.

There are different degrees of vegetarianism, of course. For some, it just means staying away from red meat. For others, only fish is acceptable. If you are hosting a large gala, we would plan a vegetarian option that stays away from all forms of meat. If you are hosting a dinner party for 30, or a wedding reception dinner, you would have the option to poll your guests to find out the options that would make the most sense. To get a detailed quote, call a Just Catering pro today!