Top Ten Resources For New Chefs

The Internet is an excellent treasure trove of culinary information for budding chefs. It’s a great resource for recipes, tips, and other cooking-related news that could supplement the knowledge that they’ve already gained from working in the kitchen. Here are some of the best online resources that aspiring chefs should check out:


Chef2chef is a portal for all things culinary. The site has something for everyone; its informative articles, community forums, jobs board, and culinary school directory attracts both experienced and newbie chefs alike.


Cheftalk is the social networking site for professional and novice chefs. The thriving online community on the site is a great place to mingle with other cooks and share knowledge and experiences. Cheftalk also features educational articles, product reviews and recipes from top chefs.


Famous British chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver is well-known around the globe for his ongoing war against unhealthy processed food. His website collects some of the best recipes from the man himself, plus personal reviews and updates. Excellent read for chefs who want to focus on healthy cooking.


Chefs-Resources  – An Informational Resource for Professional Chefs and Culinarians.

Boasting a huge knowledge base of basically anything related to kitchen, restaurant or culinary issues, chef’s-resources is a site that allows chefs and foodies to collaborate and share their knowledge with others. From yield percentages of fish to kitchen management tools, chefs-resources has got them all.

5. is the official website of the World Association of Chefs Societies, an international non-political and non-profit body of chefs organizations from all over the globe. Their site contains information about the association’s various educational and culinary programmes. Scholarship opportunities are also posted on the site from time to time.


Starchefs is a one stop shop of culinary information for chefs. Aside from the usual recipes and cooking videos, starchefs also feature a jobs board, news updates and an online shop. Starchefs is also the organizer of the International Chefs Congress, an annual symposium that attracts top chefs from around the globe.


Don’t know where to eat next? Let Wolfgang Puck decide that for you. The celebrity chef and restaurateur’s website allows visitors to book reservations and catering services from Puck-certified restaurants in their area. The site is also jam-packed with news, product info and recipes.


Chefsworld is a website by chefs for chefs. Its primary purpose is to give its members access to job listings and connect them with potential employers. The site’s forums gives chefs a place to reach out to their colleagues and form networks of their own. Membership to the website is free.


All4chefs is an excellent resource for chefs who want a professional-looking online profile. They can upload their resumes, CVs and references on the site and browse through the numerous postings on the jobs board.


Looking for new kitchen supplies? Then look no further- chefscatalog will take care of that for you. The site is basically a giant online store for cooking implements. Chefscatalog stocks cutlery, cookware, kitchen electronics and other supplies.