Sushi Catering

Sushi remains one of the more popular catering trends in the Bay Area today. It’s not just the taste of sushi, of course, but the aesthetic involved with it. Being around sushi is something that the “in” people will do, and you can take advantage of this for your next event.

Just Catering can contract with sushi chefs to come and work at your event. They can be in the background, making fresh plates of sushi for servers to take out to buffet stations or to the tables where your guests are seated. If your event is suitable to this, the chefs can also set up demonstration stands and make sushi as your guests wander by, telling your guests the most important steps for the process. This can serve as a real conversation piece in your event.

If you don’t think that this form of fish is going to sate the appetites of all of your guests, sushi is often paired with steak in heartier dining settings. In this case, you could combine the work of a hibachi station, where steaks are sizzling under the watchful eye of a careful chef while the sushi chef works alongside him, turning out roll after roll for your guests. The possibilities are endless!