Some of the most artful foods, in my opinion, are the simplest to create.  A dish that takes hours of your time and often much frustration is the reason many cooks are discouraged from attempting new and challenging recipes.  I prefer simple. The above featured galette, is an age old French creation that always pleases and is never a difficult task. It is free form and in it’s most primitive state (crust and fruit) the dessert showcases how incredible natural fruit flavors are.

This, of course, is also a reflection of the quality of ingredients.  No matter what type of recipe you may be cooking, or dish you have at your next event, be sure the ingredients are fresh and in season. When you abide by this simple rule, the food needs nothing but itself. No rich sauces, no cover ups.

But, when you’re feeling creative, a simple recipe always welcomes any additions you would like to experiment with. For example, the typical peach galette has enough natural sugar and immense flavor that you do not need to add to it’s filling. But with the addition of blueberries, nutmeg, rum and lemon juice, you will find this dessert embraces the ingredients and in turn has gone from delicious to dynamite.