Planning Your 2014 Holiday Event

Decorated Christmas table setting5 ways to spice up the holidays with a catered event

Whether it’s for a family get-together or a corporate party, the holidays give a perfect excuse to eat well. Here we present five ways to make that holiday celebration extra special through food.

  1. Let the venue suit the occasion. If you plan a small, intimate gathering for your family and friends, you won’t want to hold your holiday dinner in a large banquet hall. In the same vein, if you’re hosting a corporate holiday party, you won’t want to choose a place where people have no room to mingle or to sit comfortably during dinner.
  2. Let the food shine. When making menu selections with your caterer, go for options that can please as many people as possible. At the same time, try new foods and flavor profiles that can get a conversation going.
  3. Don’t overdo it. For some people, just the thought of a holiday dinner or party conjures up undoing the belt or wearing elastic pants, pushing away from the table to get some breathing room. You want your guests to eat well but not fall asleep at the table. Select quality menu options that leave your guests sated and happy. Avoid overly heavy foods and rich desserts. Let your caterer recommend combinations that will satisfy but not overwhelm.
  4. Allow time between courses. Holiday celebrations need space and time for people to meet up, mingle, and network. Make sure the food doesn’t serve up too quickly if you have a sit-down dinner. Let your guests savor the moment.
  5. Determine special dietary restrictions. Find out if any of your guests have food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Your caterer should be able to work with any of them, including low or no sugar, no gluten, and no lactose. 

Why you should consider a caterer for your Thanksgiving or Other Holiday Dinner

These days it’s tough to combine work life, daily responsibilities, and creating the kind of holiday meal you want to serve your family and friends. Consider letting professional chefs take over. When you do, you can spend more time with your guests instead of in the kitchen, worried about the lumps in the gravy, the tenderness of the turkey, or overcooking the vegetables. You can also select menu items that you’ve never had the time or skill to make.

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