Pizza Catering

A pizza bar can be a fun addition to any catering setup, either as a side set of offerings or as the main focus of the night. Bay Area palates are too sophisticated for you to get away with a typical array of cheese pizzas, pepperoni and sausage, though. Check out some of these ideas that will make your guests’ mouths water.

“Beef and Blue” Pizza

This features beef sliced razor-thin, just as you would see with a gyro or a cheese steak sandwich. Then, blue cheese, tomato, red bell pepper, and red onion also adorn a thin crust, along with oregano.

Mixed Grill Pizza

Imagine grilled chicken, Italian sausage, sweet peppers and mushrooms, all across a bed of marinara, resting on a thin crust.

Marinated Artichoke Pizza

This will please your vegetarian guests. A mixture of black olives, red onions, artichoke hearts, tomato slices, bell peppers in red, yellow, orange and purple (when available), and feta cheese, atop a thin whole-wheat crust, will make a flavorful addition to your pizza bar.

Mushroom-Garlic Pizza

Pesto, caramelized garlic and savory herb oil are the base for two different types of mushrooms and Gruyere cheese. This can be an additional vegetarian option on your pizza bar, or you can also add grilled chicken to add some heft and flavor.

Miniature Meatball Pizza

On top of a thin crust, a layer of asiago cheese can be the basis for small meatballs, with red onion and yellow bell pepper slices topping them off. You can also have some feta sprinkled across the top to make it a little more tart.

Corn and Chicken Pizza

Start with that same asiago base on a thin pizza crust, and then add some grilled chicken, feta cheese, red sweet peppers, olives, and tarragon.

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our pizza possibilities. Give a Just Catering event professional a call today!