Picnic lunches catering | Box lunches

If you are planning a long meeting that is expected to go well beyond eight (or even twelve) hours, you want to keep all of your participants focused and motivated. This means that when it’s time to have that working lunch, you might want something more than pizza sitting in boxes.

Just Catering can help you with box lunches (or dinners) that will be convenient to eat without making a mess while working, while also being delicious. Our sandwiches use the finest gourmet breads and ingredients, and our side offerings have a considerable amount of variety. You can set sandwiches and sides out buffet style, or we can pre-box according to your order, with enough notice. We have a variety of salads, as well as fruit and vegetable blends that we can arrange for you. If you have questions, contact one of our event professionals at Just Catering today! We are committed to providing the very best in both quality and service for you and your guests.