Imagination Is Your Only Limitation

Still-life Of Pomegranate With Green Apples5 ways to challenge your preconceptions about catered events

If you can imagine it, it can be created. When planning your special event, you might automatically think of rubbery chicken, bland vegetables, gloppy mashed potatoes, and sterile lighting. Erase those images out of your mind. Special events today are only limited by your imagination. Venues can range from children’s museums to state parks and historic landmark buildings. Food can be created to suit specific themes from Wild West to Circus to the most elegant of haute cuisine. Here we suggest five ways to exercise the way to think about catered events.

Take advantage of the latest trends

From food preparation to presentation, caterers are fully aware of the latest culinary trends. This means your caterer can recommend innovative solutions to your needs and those of your guests.

Take advantage of local foods

The freshest foods will inevitably produce the best flavor, and they’ll give your guests a sense of pride that ingredients came from local markets, whether produce, grains, meat, or fish. Shopping locally also means your caterer can create innovative dishes with surprising, seasonal flavor profiles.

Form and function can go together—or not

Think about the kind of food that will be served and how those dishes may pair with a venue. The venue could be complimentary in a traditional way, like finger foods in a children’s museum, or completely nontraditional like foods from the earth in an airplane museum or use of molecular gastronomy in a historic landmark building.

Explore alternative foods

Why serve chicken at all? Try sushi, or buffalo, or nontraditional fish? If you do want to go down a more traditional path, consider new approaches to chicken. Your caterer can suggest alternatives to you that can keep your guests marveling for a long time to come.

Keep your guests in mind

“It’s not all about you” is a popular catchphrase. And while your special event could be planned to celebrate your wedding, anniversary, birthday, or even a corporate meeting, it’s important to think about pleasing your guests. After all, you want everyone to have a good time and walk away with their appetites and taste buds not only sated, but also surprised.

This does not mean your tastes don’t count. Of course they do. But think about the kinds of proteins and sides that can create special memories. Understand any particular sensitivities such as dietary restrictions. Paying particular attention to your guests can make your event spectacular.

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