Holbrook Palmer Park – Atherton Event Venue

Holbrook Palmer Park, in Atherton, is a breathtaking outdoor venue that has the flexibility to host a variety of events. The white gazebo is quite popular for staging, as is the clearing in the middle of the oak trees. There are over 22 acres in the park, which will take you and your guests far away, into a beautiful garden ambiance. You will find the staff to be accessible, friendly and down to earth, and there is a definite casual vibe throughout the grounds.

The Main House has three rooms and a kitchen, and is located right in the middle of the park. The meeting room is the largest room in the house, with over 700 square feet. A stone walk and a patio connect the Main House and the Jennings Pavilion, which is an excellent staging area if your event needs more of a party atmosphere. There is even a playground under the oaks for children at the event.

To get a true sense of the history of the park, which goes back to the 1870’s, you’ll want to check out the Water Tower and the Carriage House. You can host up to 100 guests in the Carriage House, and include a dance floor as well. If you combine staging areas, you can get over 200 guests between the Main House and the Carriage House – even over 250 if you use the outside patio.

The visuals at this park are stunning – you will come away with a compelling album of photographs. Jean, the coordinator, has developed a reputation for outstanding customer service. Please contact us if you are interested in booking this superior outdoor venue.

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