Great Food, Interactive Fun

Img_6752Choose a children’s museum for your next catered event

Kids of all ages can enjoy a special occasion celebration at the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. Corporate meetings, cocktail parties, and other events can take advantage of Just Catering’s superior culinary stylings as well as 150 interactive stations to create a memorable special event.

In general, people remember two things about an event: The overall experience and the food. You can rent the museum and delivery both to your guests. The museum offers so many options to choose from, including the following:

  • Art gallery—Discover expressions of visual art by individuals, groups, and cultures
  • Art loft—Create your own art
  • Bubbles—Make your own bubbles of all sizes
  • Kids’ garden—Interact with the outdoors
  • Kids in motion—Engage in physical fun
  • Mammoth discovery—Find fossils in special dig pits
  • Secrets of circles—Build and balance circles (good for the mathematically oriented)
  • Streets—Visit a big city
  • Theatre—Experience the performing arts
  • WaterWays—Discover the wonder of water
  • Wonder Cabinet—Explore the environment’s unique textures and materials 

This is just a sampling of the possibilities. Of course, you don’t have to engage in the interactive environment, but why not make the event fun for guests? Indoor or outdoor, you can boost the experience, surrounded by vibrant colors and a playful ambience.

To theme or not theme?

You can decide to select a certain theme for your event and match it to menu choices and interactive stations. For example, you could work with your caterer to design a menu of “circle” foods to enhance the experience in the Secrets of Circles exhibit.

A sense of wonder

If you want to evoke curiosity among your guests, the Children’s Discovery Museum could prove to be your perfect San Jose special event venue. Your menu could induce curiosity, too. By working closely with Just Catering, we can design a menu that delivers unique presentation and unique flavors. Want to celebrate cultures? We can craft a selection of multi- or single ethnic choices. Want to heighten the sense of play? We can create playful, colorful foods to satisfy everyone’s palate.

For your next special event, Just Catering professionals can help you plan and host a get-together your guests will be talking about for years to come.

An interactive museum can also help you increase interaction among your guests, even with a sit-down dinner. Let us help you plan a special event—whether a cocktail party, birthday or other milestone celebration, corporate event, or meeting. Simply complete the form to the right of your screen and let’s start the conversation.