Fondue caterer

One of the more unique catering ideas that some of our clients have requested lately involves putting a fondue night together for their guests. This usually involves setting up three types of stations: dipping meats into cooking oil, dipping various items into cheese, and then several dessert stations.

The only danger with the meat stations is the hot oil. However, our serving stations are set up to make things as convenient and as neat as possible. We provide the meats with a variety of breadings and spices for your guests to roll their meat and then set it into the hot oil until it is cooked.

Our staff can either give your guests a brief orientation of the process – including the amount of time they need to dip the meat for it to cook thoroughly – or we have a set of cards that we can place by each station with complete instructions.

With the cheese fondue stations, we offer a wide variety of dippers that your guests can use.

The dessert fondue is a possibility. We offer a variety of flavors, although chocolate is by far the most popular. You can dip sweetened breads, strawberries or other fruits, or even cake into the chocolate.

If you are interested in hosting a fondue night, call one of our event professionals at Just Catering to find out what we can do for you!