Family Reunion: Add the Event to the List of Good Memories

iStock_000017433958Medium (2)Hire a caterer and let the good times roll

Summer often gives families the opportunity to bring their members together from near and far. It’s a day (or a weekend) of nostalgia and catching up on the present. Let your catering choices add to the day’s memorability. Here’s what we at Just Catering recommend:

Let the experts come in and take over the day so you can relax and spend time with your family. Do you really want to slave over a hot grill or would you rather kick back with an ice cold beverage and talk about your old football days or when you and your husband first dated. Your caterer may also have ideas about venues that work well and add distinction to your reunion. Plus, your caterer will know exactly how much food to prepare so everyone has plenty and there’s no waste and can recommend the perfect beverages.

Will you have a theme?

If you decide on a theme, be sure to let your caterer know, because that will potentially affect menu choices. Your caterer can extend the theme to tableware décor and settings.

Choose foods that are easy to share

There’s a reason food is served at some restaurants and events “family style.” When you pass the plate or bowl, you have the opportunity to chat with the person next to or across from you. You may also want a mix of hot and cold foods.

Let the caterer know about your special family recipes

Perhaps your family has special recipes handed from generation to generation. Work with your caterer to see how they can be prepared and served at your reunion. Or, you can decide to have your caterer elevate the recipe. Southern fried chicken can be turned into a gourmet item with exotic spices and distinctive breading.

Think about collecting family recipes and preparing a book of them to distribute at the reunion. The more people have them, the greater the likelihood of those traditions continuing.

Photographing or filming the food

Some families like to capture the food for posterity with cameras and video. Create an online scrapbook for your family so they can remember Aunt Mae eating that last chicken wing or Cousin Elmo, who swore he only would eat simple food, taste and like foie gras.

Don’t forget the children

Pay particular attention to menu choices for the kids. Select kid-friendly foods, including dessert. One family we know always chose rainbow sherbet for the kids. It was their special treat and they still talk about it.