Episode 2: Keeping It Fresh – Newport Fish Co.

“If I Were a Fish Man…”

Attention Seafood Lovers: This episode of “Keeping it Fresh” is especially for you as we take a tour of the Newport Fish Company in South San Francisco.

In business since 1978, Newport Fish Co. is one of the Bay Area’s leading suppliers of fresh fish and seafood. If you’ve ever eaten seafood at a four or five-star restaurant, chances are that seafood came from Newport Fish Co.

I was interested to see just how the process works to get fish from the ocean to the dining table and so Newport Fish Co. founder Andy took us on a step-by-step journey from the receiving gate to the staging area to the processing plant.

We learned about the importance of temperature, why the different varieties of seafood are issued track ID numbers and why oysters and clams are kept separate from fish during the shucking process. It is comforting to know that Andy and his team take great care in assuring that the seafood we receive from Newport Fish Co. is not only fresh, but safe.

Being in the seafood business for more than three decades, Andy has developed a great knowledge of the different types of fish he deals with and gave us a little show-and-tell with his current stock. We saw tuna from Fiji, halibut from Southern California and salmon from the Pacific Northwest. We learned the difference between Corvina and California Sea Bass and learned that when it comes to Sole fish, the best is right here in Half Moon Bay. We finished off the tour with a taste test of clams and oysters from both coasts.

We take great care in preparing our meals for our customers. It’s important for us to know and trust that the food we are serving is of the highest quality. After visiting Andy and the Newport Fish Company, we have no doubts.