Drop and Go BBQ

Slabs of BBQ Spare ribsA succulent culinary experience for the dog days of August

Only a few weeks left until the kids are back in school and vacation time is over. Make the most of it with a “Drop and Go BBQ.” Invite the family and friends to a day of outdoor fun and great food. No need for you to stand over a flaming hot grill. Just contact us and we’ll prepare and deliver your favorite barbeque items to your venue, ready to serve.

All the ingredients you need

At Just Catering, our “Drop and Go BBQ” has become a staple of summer. It is one of our most-frequently asked-for specialties. We offer the following menu items to delight your palate and your guests:

  • Quartered chicken pieces
  • Grilled assorted sausages
  • BBQ pulled pork
  • BBQ ribs
  • Smoked angus beef tri tip 

We prepare combinations of these and also offer accompaniments that include:

  • Green salad
  • Potato salad
  • Seasoned ranch green beans
  • Artisan bread and butter
  • Watermelon slices 

While these are our standard options, if you want an item you don’t see, just ask. At Just Catering, we’re here to serve you.

A word about BBQ

At Just Catering, we know how to do barbeque right. Our BBQ meats—chicken, pork, and beef—are succulent and juicy. When a piece hits your mouth, you’ll taste that combination of savory spice and heat, grilled to perfection. But that’s only one BBQ choice.

If “standard” isn’t in your vocabulary, ask about our other BBQ flavor profiles:

  • Deep Southern
  • Latin-style
  • Cowboy-style
  • Texas-style
  • Luau-style
  • Caribbean-style
  • California-style 

You can combine the style of BBQ with a theme for your get-together. Have a blast and leave the food to us.

A word about angus beef tri tip

Many people are not familiar with this loin cut. It’s one of the most flavorful cuts of beef, tender and boneless. And our smoky flavor reminds you you’re at a barbeque. Just add a salad and some tasty green beans, and you’ve got a meal to satisfy your appetite and those discerning taste buds.

Your choice of drop and go or pick-up

We deliver for orders of $450 or more and accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Delivery charges may apply. To make your day even more economical, you can also opt to pick up your order from our Santa Clara location.

Contact us

Just let us know what you need for your last blast of summer barbeque. We’re here to serve. Use our convenient online contact form and let’s get started!