Dessert catering

Dessert catering is one of the most fun events for our chefs to put together. If you are hosting a smaller event and want to do the appetizers, entrees and sides yourself, consider letting our professionals put together a fantastic set of dessert offerings that will bring your event to a delightful climax.

One option is a dessert fondue station. Heated bowls of liquid chocolate, surrounded by bite size pieces of angel food cake, pound cake, strawberries, and other dippables will give your event a whimsical ending, as your guests mingle and enjoy chocolate bliss.

Another option is a selection of cakes and pies. Our chefs can make any gourmet (or old reliable) cake or pie that you desire. If you are hosting a kids’ birthday party, we can set up a “marble slab” arrangement where one of our staff pounds out the ice cream and adds all of the toppings that the kids want. Because every youngster can get a different combination of flavors and toppings, this can be a real hit.

No matter what your dessert catering needs might be, our staff at Just Catering can create a delicious and memorable time for your guests. Give us a call today!