Celebrating the Rite of Passage: The Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah cakeTips for making your event most memorable

You’ve been either awaiting or dreading the moment when your son or daughter turns 13 and becomes a bar or bat mitzvah. The dread, of course, has nothing to do with your child. Rather, it has to do with event planning and budget. We’d like to offer our advice on how to make the rite of passage enjoyable for kids, relatives, and friends—and your wallet.

Understand your guest list

Whose party is it? To the kids, it’s theirs. To the parents, it’s yours. It’s both. That means you need to strike a balance between both groups in terms of menu, music, and activities.

Hire a photographer/videographer

You’ll have enough to think about without roaming the room with your camera. Hire a professional photographer or videographer to create memories of the event. Insist on a mix of both staged and candid shots and your child should be in most of them. Table shots are also a nice touch, more so for the parents, to remember relatives (especially the elders) and friends.

Hire an activities director

Kids are happiest when they have something to do and not all children at the event will be 13. Hire a professional to lead children of all ages in activities that keep them busy between courses. These activities can range from classic games such as treasure hunts and musical chairs to new millennium fun.

Know that a DJ is a must

The music must also strike a balance between generations present at your event. Choose a DJ whose repertoire spans the ages.

Offer culinary choices

With such a range of ages, offer a wide array of menu items from the cocktail hour through dessert. Choose a caterer with specific experience in bar and bat mitzvahs, such as Just Catering, who understands the broad spectrum of tastes and generations. We work within your budget to deliver an outstanding culinary experience for every guest. Be sure to let us know concerns about allergens, sugar, salt, etc. so we can create a menu that everyone can enjoy.

Do you need help with selecting a venue or theme?

Just Catering can also assist with selection of venues and party themes that can work within your budget. Be sure to let your child weigh in with his or her choices in all decision-making. Although you’re paying for the event, this is a celebration of his or her rite of passage into young adulthood.