Catering for funeral receptions

Funeral receptions are a difficult event for many people to plan. Those who are closest to the deceased are often in the most fragile emotional condition, and so it is up to other family members and friends to make the necessary arrangements. Just Catering has considerable experience in managing tasteful funeral receptions, and we can adapt our approach to any venue.

Many funeral receptions take place in large spaces within church complexes. We can work in any reception-style space, with or without a kitchen, although if the church does not have a kitchen, it will place some limits on what we can serve. Our warming trays are versatile and work in any venue, but access to refrigeration is helpful if we are going to provide all of our offerings.

At a funeral reception, we try to keep our staff members as unnoticeable as possible. We train our staff to provide excellent service in a way that is not ostentatious, so that you and the other loved ones of the deceased can celebrate his life without having to worry about the quality of the food service. Our job is to serve you – and then get out of the way. If you have a funeral reception to plan, one of our representatives will make sure that all of your catering and event management needs are met.