Catered coffee bar

Not all catered events require a full meal service, or even heavy hors d’oeuvres. Our catering professionals have helped clients put together such smaller services as bagel bars – and catered coffee bars.

You might be wondering why you need to pay a caterer to set up coffee stations. After all, if you are a corporate meeting planner, you probably have coffee machines on site. You also have some Styrofoam cups, some powdered creamer, and some old square paper napkins. So why not just trundle those out for the next big meeting?

You could do that. However, a lot of people thought Starbucks would fail, because no one would pay $4 for what you could get at work for free – and you can tell how that turned out. You don’t need to put out a catered coffee bar for your employees every morning, but how would your employee morale go up if a gourmet coffee bar were waiting for them on Monday morning? With four or five different varieties of coffee, as well as hot chocolate and an array of teas? With an assortment of biscotti?

Now we’re talking about some serious attitude adjustment. You could do the same for your next meeting with an important client, just to “sweeten” the deal. Call one of our event professionals to see how we can help you today!