Catered Banquets

Banquets can be grand events that people talk about for months after they are over, or they can be the sort of rubber-chicken and Sutter Home sort of evening that people dread going to. If you are planning a banquet, either for a charity gala or for a corporate celebration, you definitely want your event to be the first type. The best way to do this is to let one of our event professionals at Just Catering help you plan the ideal evening.

Our banquet chefs know what is trendy – and what is stodgy – when it comes to banquet menus. They know what people are ordering, and they can also get you the best value for your dollar, without resorting to chicken that will repel the attack of even the hardiest knife and fork. The time they take in preparing your dishes will be evident in the smiles of your guests.

Let’s face it – banquets can be a bit tiresome. You’re sitting in one place for an hour or more; even though waiters are coming by and taking care of your needs, you have to listen to speakers or sit and wait for permission to get up and walk around, whether it’s to a dance floor or to a silent auction table. Give your guests a reason to look forward to the dinner at your banquet!