Bagel brunch catering

If you are catering brunch, or a full breakfast, for a morning party or a meeting, but you don’t want to set out stations for waffles, biscuits, breakfast meats, and all of those other accoutrements, you can make things simpler by setting up a bagel brunch. The stations are easy for your guests to operate, and you can be comfortable at your event without wondering whether the food will be cold.

We can offer as many different flavors of bagels as you want. Don’t just get the plain ones – get whole weat, get some with green chiles and cheese on them, as well as pumpernickel, asiago cheese, poppy seed, and some others as well. Give your guests plenty of choices – we can come up with as many bagel concoctions as you can think of.

Then, have us place several toasters next to the bagel station. This gives you the freedom of letting your guests wander around your venue and come to the serving station whenever they are hungry. No matter when they want their bagel, your guests will have theirs fresh out of the toaster. Next, let us put an assortment of spreads out for them to use – plain cream cheese, as well as several fruit cream cheeses and a salmon shmear. We can also put out some nut butters to provide even more options.

If you want to jazz the bagels up, we can add fruit trays with melons, berries, bananas, oranges, apples, and other choices. We can also add warm serving trays with fried eggs inside them, with sliced cheese to one side, you can serve a warm bagel sandwich. You can even add baked ham to make the breakfast even heartier.

If you want to offer a bagel brunch at your next event, give Just Catering a call. One of our event professionals can make this next event your best.