And the Chicken Wins! Here’s Why.

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The humble chicken goes haute cuisine

The poor chicken. Long a favorite of meeting planners and caterers, chicken on the menu conjures up images of a rubbery meat with watery carrots and a stale dinner roll. Not anymore. Among our clients, chicken is taking on a new attitude.

Flavor profile enhancements are key and we are seeing increased demand for them for the most elegant weddings to the most casual backyard picnics. Requests include innovative use of cooking techniques and ingredients:

  • Roasting chicken sous vide in spices and chicken fat
  • Thai chili chicken
  • Grilled peri-peri chicken wings
  • Fried chicken
    • Buttermilk fried chicken with inventive dipping sauces, such as bérnaise and piquillo pepper sauces
    • Chocolate fried chicken
    • Fried chicken with coriander and cloves
    • Fried Cornish game hen, brined in apricot tea, herbs, and citrus
    • Fried chicken with coffee grounds
    • Rotisserie with herbs from Provence
    • Chicken with foie gras
    • Chicken marinated in green sauce with anchovies
    • Chicken osso bucco
    • Chicken lollipops
    • Chicken prepared or stuffed with upscale ingredients and accompaniments, such as:
      • Chanterelles
      • Dandelions
      • Figs
      • Faro
      • Quail eggs
      • Black truffles
      • Brioche
      • Truffle-laced cheese
      • Caviar
      • Nori and sesame seeds
      • Ramps
      • Morrell
      • Fennel
      • Pomegranates
      • Goat cheese

Don’t forget the skin or the liver

Despite what dieting organizations say, caterers know not to toss the skin away. Our world-class chefs understand that tasty, crispy chicken skin can amplify the flavor of a dish. It’s a crunch our clients and their guests look forward to.

Chicken liver might have been something only certain palates could appreciate. But now guests are enjoying it fried or chopped or as pâté or pasta sauce. Combine it with capers, crisped pancetta, and parsley or radish, apple, and hazelnuts with arugula.

Versatility and economy

Chicken offers a high degree of versatility—and economy, especially when serving large groups. When our clients want their guests to enjoy a protein-based bite, chicken is the most frequently requested choice. Chicken breasts have typically been the most popular, but chicken wings—especially around Super Bowl time—are a clear favorite.

Recently, Specialty Food Magazine reported that chicken consumption has surpassed that of beef for the first time in the last 100 years. The reasons are clear cut:

  • Price
  • Ease of preparation
  • Healthier profile

Erase those images of boring chicken and create new memories with great tasting chicken at your next special event.