An Afternoon At Elizabeth Gamble Gardens

Elizabeth Gamble Gardens is one of Palo Alto’s hidden treasures.  It is a non-profit horticultural foundation that lives on 2.5 acres in the heart of the city. The gardens surround a historical 1902 Colonial Revival home and a carriage house that can be used for events, set up, or simply for their aesthetic pleasure.

The property is nothing less than beautiful especially for an afternoon gathering in the fall. The guests arrive, walking pathways which lead them to the very green and open patio, a perfect setting for cocktail receptions and seated meals. The greenery and florals offer an immense amount of color, so much so that the venue hardly needs decoration. While mingling with friends, family or new acquaintances, guests  have a view of both the incredible gardens and the historical home

As fall lends its warm weather to the afternoon, the natural surroundings at Gamble Gardens shade the tables at which guests will enjoy a lovely meal. With the close proximity of kitchen to guests, service is very smooth and quick. Once everyone has finished a delicious meal in at Gamble, they can wander the spectacular 2.5 acres of garden and leave completely satisfied.