A New Kind of Corporate Team Building

Team of Chef's giving thumbs up in restaurant kitchenWhen cutting edge means a knife and fork

Tired of painting fences, building birdhouses, and falling backward hoping that someone will catch you at some woodsy outward-bound event? Just Catering offers you an innovative kind of team-building activity that will keep your organization talking—and cooking.

Increasingly, management teams are turning to new ways of engaging members of their organizations to encourage interaction and communication. Welcome to the gourmet cooking event. By working with a caterer, you can design an event where individuals can team up and cook an appetizer, an entrée, or a full meal of your choice.

The opportunity to learn new skills

Team-building events may work best when members gain the opportunity to learn a new skill, especially a useful one that challenges them. How to prepare ingredients for a dish, make delectable sauces, use the knife more efficiently for chopping, elevating an everyday food to haute cuisine—all of these are accomplishable goals of a corporate team-building event in the kitchen.

Hands-on or hands-off—you decide

Some organizations want their team members to fully engage in the process. A caterer can work with you to first how a professional chef would prepare the dish. The chef then mentors team members in how to replicate the dish.

Other organizations prefer to take a more laid-back approach. A professional chef can demonstrate how the dish is prepared and only interested members take part in the hands-on process, while others can watch while they socialize.

The choice is yours.

Themed approaches to suit your needs

Based on your corporate culture, you can select a theme to the food you’ll be cooking—or not. Perhaps your company has locations in Germany. You may elect to cook schnitzel and spaetzle or maybe a Black Forest Cake. You might decide on Spanish tapas, thinking that small dishes might work best. No matter what theme you choose, everyone gets to eat at the end of the session. An open environment to encourage camaraderie

When working in or observing activity in the kitchen, team members can feel relaxed to have fun and connect with each other. They can remember the time they made a soufflé or the time they rendered that duck fat into this amazing pate.

For your next corporate team-building event, consider the kitchen, where cutting remarks pertain only to knife cuts.